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Find Now - Deals

An app designed for people looking to save money. Collects online deals available around your location from multiple providers and presents them on a map on your screen.

Have you ever wondered, at noon, around lunch time if there is any burger deal close by? What about a discount on massage when you got off work? Which bar serves food for free with a drink tonight? Free manicure with pedicure in this very mall you've been shopping? Now there is an app for that. Launch the Find Now iOS app and in less than two seconds you can see all the deals around you highlighted on a map. Tap and you see all the details. Nothing to type, no wasted time searching through your email for the deal you saw this morning.

The deals are obtained from various coupon and deal aggregators in US, UK, Canada and Australia, and will soon expand to other regions of the world. Google Places provides data for the other businesses, so you can always find what you need, deal or no deal.

With a clean UI and great user experience, Find Now avoids clutter and only does what is supposed to do: finds things quickly and with minimal user intervention. Start, find, done…

Find nearby deals and the nearest coffee shop, bar, bank, ATM, flower shop, restaurant, liquor store, hair dresser, movie theatre or gas station without typing a thing. Just use your fingertips to pan and zoom the map, and a smooth scroll wheel to select what you are searching for. Find Now can follow you and show you what you have around you, or you can plan ahead by panning and zooming the map to the next continent. You can call the places you find, add them to your address book, or get directions.

Shot Lister

The standard shot listing iPhone and iPad mobile app for the film industry. This is the most widely used iOS app for scheduling and synchronizing activities on movie sets today.

Psoriasis Decision Aid

A simple, but very comprehensive tool for iOS to help people affected by psoriasis to make more informed treatment decisions. This mobile app works both on iPhone and on iPad.

This iOS app will help you learn about your treatment choices and communicate more effectively with your doctor regarding your values and preferences to make the best treatment decisions. As you answer questions about the severity of your psoriasis you are given access to all appropriate treatments available today, including topical, oral and biological drugs. While not intended to replace a consultation with a dermatologist; this iPhone and iPad tool provides an excellent starting point when trying to decide how to treat your psoriasis. Your doctor can provide more details about your specific circumstances and needs that may your treatment decisions more directly.

My Cree

My Cree is a fun way to begin speaking Plains Cree. Designed with Native youth in mind, this iPhone and iPad mobile app’s user interface looks great and is easy to use. With My Cree for iOS it is easy to find, listen to and practice words and phrases.

Ask The Nutritionist

The Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s advice for staying healthy during cancer treatment. This iPhone and Android app includes recipes and a host of additional health advice.


eMote is an iPhone chat app that lets you express emotion in messages with color-coded chat bubbles.

COMMUNICATE WITH COLORS - eMote colors mean specific attitudes and tones of voice, allowing you to clearly show how you feel. Simply type your message before, after, or in between adding our colors and effects (aka eMotes), then tap send. The receiver sees the color of a bubble and knows exactly how the sender wants their message to be interpreted.FEWER MISUNDERSTANDINGS - Similar to tone of voice and body language, eMote lets you give more meaning to your words. The ability to visually convey tone and emotion eliminates ambiguity, taking the guesswork out of deciphering messages. eMote prevents miscommunication, and might even help you avoid unintentional damage to your relationships.