Mobile App Developer Directory


FanFueled is a social ticketing platform that transforms Fans into promoters. FanFueled needed a mobile application and VOKAL was ready to make it happen.


dScout launched as an experiment to conduct in-context research and capture audience experiences by utilizing primarily mobile apps. dScout branched out as a stand-alone with the release of an Android app developed with Vokal Interactive.


Deltak desired to take their desktop learning management system, Deltak Engage, to the iPad. The learning app would connect faculty and students in an on-the-go mobile environment.
The Deltak Engage mobile app allows for customization to fit any institution or program’s specific needs resulting in future installations of this desirable application.

Total Attorneys

Total Attorneys is a unique law firm management platform that needed an effective iPad and iPhone app to complement their successful desktop application.

The final outcome was a streamlined and secure Total Attorneys app for iPad and iPhone that gives busy legal professionals the flexibility to manage their practice no matter where they are.


Akoo has provided for some time entertainment programming on Akoo Pavilion, series of side-by-side flat screens in local malls and college campuses across the country. The next step was to build a more interactive viewing experience, and VOKAL was there to create that experience in the mobile world.

The Akoo mobile app enriches the Akoo experience by giving users the ability to actively participate with their smart phones. Working with VOKAL helped Akoo build brand awareness, create intent and drive transaction.