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IA Farmers Markets

The IA Farmers Markets app allows you to find specific markets within the state of Iowa. Bill Northey, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, stands behind this app and, within it, provides you with more information on himself and various ways to contact him. This app also gives you the opportunity to create an account so you can access all your previous search selections each time you log in, making it easier for you to find the market you want.

Graham Construction Site-Viewer

The Graham Construction Site Viewer allows Graham Construction's clients the ability to access information regarding their construction, including:

*Live 24x7 Camera feeds from the construction site.
*Graham team contact information, including name, phone, position, and email
*Images and blueprints of the project
*Project updates from the Graham team
*General Contact information for Graham Construction

Elliott Aviation

The Elliott Aviation app provides you with a complete list of all the maintenance, repair, and overhaul services that they offer for your aircrafts, such as work with airframes, engines, and avionics, paint, and interior work, as well as their accessory shop which provides component, overhaul, inspection, repair and servicing for various aircraft parts and accessories. The app also allows you to take a virtual tour of their facility and view the attractions, restaurants, and weather surrounding the airports in Moline, IL, Des Moines, IA, and Minneapolis, MN, as well as make a reservation or book a charter with these airports. Other features include viewing what types of aircrafts are for sale, entering information on whether you are interested in buying an aircraft or if you are already a current owner, accessing current news on Elliott Aviation, forming an account for your personal hangar, and finally contacting them by leaving your information and a detailed message. This app provides all relevant information for travelers planning a flight or for current or prospective aircraft owners in need of maintenance, repair, and overhaul options.

Kansas Chamber

Stay up to date with the Kansas Legislature through your mobile device. Access calendars, journals, committee rosters, district maps and stream live audio from the house and senate floor.