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Brazil 14 Predictor

Can you predict the results for Brazil 14 , better than your friends?
See fixtures, results, and earn points to compete in syndicates.

The App Store’s premier results prediction app, allowing you to predict and compete to see if YOU know more than most about Brazil 14.


Polla allows users to create, submit and share their own multiple choice polls as well as vote on a huge range of community polls.

More Than Friends

Facebook Matchmaking the simple way – no embarrassed faces involved! Tell someone you’re interested, they only find out if they press they’re interested too!

Flappy the Clumsy Fish

Flailing through the big ol’ blue comes Flappy The Clumsy Fish. This cute little Flappy under-dogfish will have you “Scaling” for your best score. Just flap his little fins and guide him through the dangers of the deep, it’s so simple it will drive you crazy! So take the bait and get hooked, you’ll have a “whale” of a time!