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The Fab-Phonics 'Rap and Tap'

Learn to read and rhyme using this fun and exciting new app!

The Fab-Phonics are a team of young superheroes and 'Rap and Tap' stars Skids, a super-cool dancer who can move things with his mind!

"Skids is entering a dancing competition. He needs your help to learn new dance moves. Tap on the correct word to complete the rhyming rap."

Containing a selection of rhyming raps with colourful animations and sounds, The Fab-Phonics 'Rap and Tap' is designed to help teach young children to read. It's fun, easy-to-use and focuses on building fluency in reading and rhyming simple, three letter consonant, vowel, consonant words.

CRS RecApp

The only app of its kind available for this sector, the ‘CRS RecApp’ provides an intuitive interface for the submission and processing of civil recovery and litigation claims. Used by security guards working in the UK’s top stores, the app allows operatives to submit reports to CRS’ servers in seconds – a process that previously could have taken hours. Operatives can then get straight back out into the field, without the need to return to the office to submit a case.


The iStudyArt iPhone app originated as a prototype but the results were so good our client has released it onto the Apple App Store! Perfect for art lovers and art students at all levels alike, iStudyArt allows artists and students to record their responses to any artwork or artefact, be it in a gallery or their own studio. The app encourages the user to photograph details of the artwork, answer question prompts and take note of their observations and experiences.

iStudyArt was built natively for iOS utilising the UIKit Framework and includes an in-app camera, the selection of images from the camera roll, an in-app database, an instant auto-save feature and the ability to share records.

Find A Museum

Developed for the Collections Trust using Google Maps V3 API, the Culture Grid ‘Find A Museum’ mobile app lets iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users find museums near their current location. Once found, either by searching or using the device’s location services, users can view a museum’s contact details as well as its collections and object information (if available) and share these to Twitter and Facebook. Users can also help improve the app’s content by using their device to update location information and report any changes.