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Paymo Time Tracker

Paymo tapped Mobiversal to build the apps for their already successful time tracking solution. Paymo mobile app allows you to easily track your time while on the go. You can use it during client meetings or while working on tasks when you're away from the office. Paymo is ideal for freelancers and teams (designers, accountants, lawyers and architects) that need to keep accurate timesheets.


People love their coupons! Starting from this idea HAPP founders came to Mobiversal to help them create an app that would give its users the possibility to eat out with discount in Flanders (Belgium). HAPP offers you a great selection of dining places where you can easily benefit of a promotion. You can even safe up to 38 Euro's with one dinner (Two4One promo)! Simply select the promotion and it will go to the section "Mijn Promoties". Once you are in the dining place, open Happ / "Mijn Promoties", and the coupon will be activated. As simple as that.


Owned by Russmedia, Publi24 is one of the largest marketplaces in Romania, with over 130,000 classifieds. Russmedia is an international media company, grown from the roots of a simple book printing company, a family business with a history of almost 100 years. Russmedia products comprise 10 daily papers, 80 weekly papers, more than 100 websites with 20 million unique clients/month. Mobiversal was initialy commissioned by Russmedia to create create iOS and Android native apps for their real estate website, and then we extended the work on addtional websites:,, and With Mobiversal’s help, romanians can now easily buy and sell stuff from their smartphones.

Alley Cat Saga

Mobiversal and Alley Cat Saga's founder worked together to bring out to life an awesome app inspired from a video game created in 1983. The result is a fun and addicting game with awesome graphics, mini games and controllers that make it fell like a new experience. Relive the classic or play it for the first time, either way it’s always been your destiny. Old tale, New skin. Play now and re-live your memories of fun retro gaming.