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MIAR – Augmented Reality Mobile Solution

MIAR is an Augmented Reality solution from Mobinett Interactive that brings real world objects to life, making them more relevant, interactive and engaging! A user walking through a supermarket, a museum or reading a magazine, can open the App, and with one tap, can scan an object of interest and discover a wealth of interesting content related to the object, such as videos, audio, reviews, product websites and much more! The content can be personalized based on the user’s location, interests and past activity. QR or Bar codes are not required. MIAR is an awesome, cutting-edge solution for Retail, Museums, Education, Healthcare, Tradeshows, Newspapers and Magazines, to engage consumers with amazing experiences!

SurBee – Mobile Surveys & Feedback Solution

SurBee by Mobinett Interactive is a fast, simple and easy way to collect feedback on iPads and Android tablets. SurBee replaces old fashioned paper forms and verbal feedback collection mechanisms with a sleek interactive mobile solution. Sign up on the App, then quickly create your survey on an admin website at, publish the survey to specific set of users or agents and you are ready to go. Collection agents can download the forms or surveys on their mobile tablets and collect data from consumers. After you upload the surveys from the App to the server, you can view the results summary in the App or get more detailed analytics on the website. You can follow up with your users based on their feedback and track the data using the basic CRM on SurBee.

J4Traffic Radio

J4traffic is a talk radio station that covers Boston traffic. You get a full traffic report every five minutes and, in between, commuters report traffic details as they navigate the roads. Brought to you by Boston talk host Todd Feinburg.

Use this app to 1) Listen to J4traffic, 2) record and send an mp3 of what you’re seeing on the roads, 3) call in a traffic report, and 4) register to take part in special promotional opportunities (ie freebies!).

AisleConnect® - Shopping Companion

AisleConnect® Mobile is an exciting new App that combines the best of on-line shopping with the best of in-store shopping!

Search for books at your local store right from your mobile device. With our feeds, you can also see what your friends are buying or planning to buy. Once you are in the store, we can help you locate your items quickly and easily, and even suggest other items you may like. Finally, our in-store shopping cart helps you track your purchases and lets you zoom through the checkout line.

Buy what YOU want on YOUR terms while supporting your local independent bookstore.

Start by creating and organizing your shopping checklists, search for specific items within a store and view their product details. AisleConnect® offers you an easy-to-use interface to intuitively plan your shopping trips. It then continues to guide you while you shop, by giving you recommendations based on your prior interests and letting you see what your friends are buying.

AisleConnect® is currently in a pilot program with The MIT Press Bookstore as well as Harvard Bookstore, in Cambridge, MA. Stay tuned for more stores in the coming months!