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Zombie Takeover

ocket Gems makes addictive free-to-play mobile games for iOS and Android, and has consistently had several of their games at the top of the app store lists. But the rapid growth of their development team left them without certain parts of a successful process in place.

Carbon Five was brought in to do two things: to help launch a specific game, and to instill Agile processes in to the developer workflow. Over the course of several months, we were able to put in place rigor around test-driven development, pair programming, story writing and prioritization. Oh... and we launched the game!


Manilla provides paperless billing for all of your consumer online accounts - from magazines to utilities to banks. When they came to Carbon Five, it was just an idea and the founding team. Over the course of a year we helped them build a web, iPhone and Android app, establish an Agile process, and hire and train a development team that now operates and iterates on their product.

Scoodle Jam on iPad®

Challenge curious minds with an engaging, collaborative, Common Core-aligned product for school and home. Scoodle Jam marries powerful creation tools with imaginative content that supports critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, turning your iPad into a flexible learning environment.

Comes with optional video chat & synced whiteboard feature to extend learning beyond the classroom to the home for students 13+ and their families.

From the makers of the popular, award-winning app Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts. (5-star rating Common Sense Media, 2012 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award, Parents’ Choice Silver Award)

Rent Pro

Imfuna specializes in streamlining workflows and increasing productivity for the building and real estate industries through mobile-to-web applications. Rent Pro is their first product which lets users document the condition of properties they own or rent to ensure security deposits are fairly distributed. Carbon Five created the web application, APIs and a native iPhone client while helping Imfuna's leadership team bootstrap their startup.