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Whistle Phone Finder

Whistle phone finder is an Android phone locator app that helps you to search your phone after losing it, forgetting it somewhere or being hidden. Just whistle up and your phone will tell you where it is. Isn't it fun? Nine Hertz has created an amazing phone finder app with unique algorithm that identifies your whistle sound and responds to it with a predefined sound which ultimately leads you to the device location.

How many of us forget our phones on silent mode and leave the phone in the most unusual places. Later, we get frustrated over not being able to find our phone. Here comes the solution to these problems. This Whistle phone locator app will help you to find your phone very easily and quickly in a fun way.

College Parrot

College Parrot is a FREE mobile app for college students, run by college students. Post about your universities sporting events, figure out what's happening on the weekends, what the local drink specials are, post a crush, start a discussion with your whole university, and so much more!


Fashmod è la tua vetrina virtuale.

Immortala i tuoi outfit, tagga i capi che indossi e ottieni credits per i tuoi prossimi acquisti.

Cerchi ispirazione?

Guarda i look delle altre Fashmodistas e scopri cosa indossano, potrai acquistare direttamente i tuoi capi preferiti e tenerti aggiornata su tutte le ultime tendenze.


- Tantissime immagini da cui trarre ispirazione per i tuoi outfit

- Scopri dove comprare i tuoi capi preferiti

- Condividi i tuoi outfit

- Condividi il tuo stile su i tuoi social network preferiti

- Diventa la testimonial dei tuoi capi preferiti guadagnando credits per il tuo shopping!

Bella Online

Bella is an app that will allow customers of Restaurants, Cafes, Hotels, Pubs, Motels etc be able to order food and beverages from the establishments menu. The customer will simply load Bella, sign in, scan a QR code and up pops that represented Establishments menu. The customers order will be place directly into the Kitchen and Bar. No need to wait for staff to get that drink for you when you can do it yourself. Once you've finished you can even pay your account via Paypal, cash or credit card.

Bella has been designed to work in all Establishments. Bella will also work in with establishments that currently have a POS systems or Bella can be a stand alone system. Bella was designed with the customer in mind. One app that works in all establishments. This way the customer will know what to expect and how to order their food and beverages when they want. Bella comes with years of Hospitality experience with the creators owning several Restaurants over a course of 20 plus years. The creators know what customer needs are and this is a way to offer fast and efficient service.
Other features Bella has to offer for the Establishment are z/x reads, menu creation, order history, live orders, table creation and much more.


**The most anticipated app for unplanned and real-time Happenings in Alaska** Find exactly what you’ve been waiting to experience, the moment it occurs. Moose, salmon runs, fresh powder, northern lights… HappenShare has you covered. Join the Happenings!

HappenShare makes experiencing desired Happenings easy. With just a tap, search for those random, desirable events occurring near and far. HappenShare replaces the unpredictable with the expected.