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RoboFoto - Social Network iPhone App

Want to see something amazing, that you can do with your iPhone? RoboFoto mobile app will make your iPhone rotate up to 360 degree. Take 360 degree panoramic, video, portrait photos and add sound effects and filters to your pictures! Best way to capture special moment of your life with this iPhone app.

Pro90D - Speech Trainer App

The Proactive Speaking (PRO90D) Mobile Speech Trainer gives you the tools change your entire life and live the life you deserve. This app connects you directly with Michael, your speech coach via video, audio, live weekly programming, and webinars.

Radius - Social Networking App

Radius is an app that lets you know when your friends are in your 150 meter Radius without giving anyone’s exact location. It keeps track of which friends you have been together with the most and which of your friends entered your “Radius” earlier. You can prefer to receive notifications for specific friends, if not from all of them; this way you will be immediately notified once a friend is in your Radius. You can always send your friends a Buzz to give them a heads up once you are in the same Radius with them.

StormPins - Weather Alert App

StormPins is a crowd-sourced Social Weather platform where users drop alert pins on a map with pictures, video and a 2-way tip line. The app also ties into PinResponder which is a web based platform used by emergency managers, law enforcement and the media to send and receive alerts to the StormPins app. If your city/county managers.

Amity Care - Community App

Amity Care Cloud creates a HIPAA compliant network allowing secured communication between Amity Care, Inc. staff providing services, family, and specialist, creating: transparency, structure and consistency between everyone and most importantly enabling staff to provide quality care to clients.